Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is certainly one of the rooms that is used on a regular and consistent basis.  With that thought in mind there are several reasons people remodel their bathrooms.

  • Out of Date – The bathroom is where most people start their day. It could be said that getting ready for a day at work or school in a dingy bathroom with a discolored tub and poor lighting is depressing. Remodeling the bathroom is a great way for many people to create a relaxing and refreshing environment in which to start the day and finish it.
  • Resale Value – Many people do minor remodels before selling their home in order to get a higher return on the house. Along with the kitchen, a remodeled bathroom offers impressive returns, as well as increasing the probability of selling your home promptly. The national average for a mid-range bathroom remodel is a 70-100% return on the money invested depending upon the remodel and location.
  • Health and Safety – Bathrooms are notorious for becoming unsanitary.  Over time, bathrooms can easily develop major issues such as water damage, leaking pipes, and mold. If your bathroom is suffering from these problems, it is imperative to remedy the issues and/ or remodel your bathroom in order to prevent potential damage to the rest of your house or to your own health.

I applaud anyone who takes the initiative to improve their homes.  However, approaching a DIY remodel of a bathroom can be overwhelming, not only with the time and effort required, but also for the knowledge needed to recognize pitfalls and missteps. Unlike many rooms, the bathroom requires a fairly detailed knowledge base and the appropriate tools in order to complete the job successfully. If you have never tiled, if you don’t have a firm plumbing background or if you’re not completely confident in how to wire a lighting system (and layout), there is potential for turning a money saving effort into a double folded expense.

Borges Construction Company has the professionals to handle the job and can even help you figure out what it is you want from your bathroom. Using a professional doesn’t have to mean ending up with the same cookie cutter bathroom as everyone else. In fact it’s the contrary.  You will have the option to help design and layout a functional bathroom that appeals to your needs and your style. 

Figuring out just what you want from your bathroom can be tricky. There are many elements that have to come together in a working and attractive bathroom. If you want a bathroom that fits within the theme of the rest of your house, using Borges Construction Company can help you figure out what will work best.

We can help you find the right shower size that works best for you. Whether you want a classic subway tile or an upscale glass, a pedestal sink or the modern appeal of a glass bowl basin sink, together we will determine you needs and provide functioning solutions.

Hiring a pro shouldn’t just be about someone to do the labor. Often times, you need help bringing your vision together into something cohesive and Borges Construction Company will help guide you there.

After meeting and developing ideas for what works for you, Borges Construction Company will provide you with an extensive and detailed estimate that will let you know where every penny is being used.  Many contractors and remodeling companies will simply put down one number for an entire project that has many different aspects.  This approach leaves an enormous amount of room for error and misinterpretations of what everyone expects.  

When you receive a Borges Construction estimate, there will be no question as to where each and every dollar goes.  Our comprehensive and detailed estimate breaks down the different aspects of your bathroom (shower, vanity, tub, floor, et) and all the steps to creating these features.  You can see for yourself what a Borges Construction Company estimate looks like SMALL BATHROOM LARGE BATHROOM no other contactor in the triangle helps you to understand where your funds are going.

One of the biggest worries people have about hiring a professional is that they are going to get a cobbled-together team of contracted workers. You might think that you are hiring one company to remodel your bathroom, but in reality you are paying one person 20% to 30% to hire others to do the work.  The middle man mark up fee is unfair and completely avoidable.  You can pay someone to hire others to remodel you bathroom or you can put that extra 25% into your bathroom.  You don’t want to hire a middle man; you want to hire a true remodeling company.

All of our workers work only for Borges Construction Company. None of our labor is contracted and everything is done in house. From start to finish, we personally see to it that you are satisfied with your job. Because the name Borges Construction Company is on the line with every job, your satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

If you believe that there is a peace of mind in knowing that the same trusted individuals are going to be in your home during the course of the project, rather than having 8 different crews of people you don’t know in and out of your home, Borges Construction is certainly the company you want working on creating your dream bathroom. 

With Borges Construction Company, we make sure you are always connected to us. Rather than going through a poor customer service experience you will be connected directly with the company owner, Dayan Borges. You will have my personal cell phone number and e-mail address so you will be able to contact me seven days a week….  Yes, even on Sundays.

At Borges, we understand that it can be intimidating to undertake a major renovation. With the expense and time involved, it would be a risk to trust that work to someone who isn’t going to dedicate themselves to the job and your satisfaction.

Many companies offer limited warranties on their work if they offer a warranty at all. At Borges Construction Company, we stand behind all of our work and offer a comprehensive three year guarantee.

Since we don’t outsource any of our labor or manufacturing, you will never have to worry about a contractor trying to put the blame on another worker. We take full responsibility for our jobs and have a great deal of confidence in all the work we do.