The story of Borges Construction Company is really the story of its founder and president, Dayan ("Dan") Borges, who created the company in 2003.

With his easy Michigan accent and confident smile, you might never guess the harsh circumstances of his early life, or the experiences that give him his powerful commitment to quality, honesty and reliability. Indeed, the creation of Borges Construction is the final chapter in a true American success story.

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1977, Dayan was only three when he fled with his brother, father and mother on the Mariel Boat Lift. Although an entrepreneurial family, they had suffered terribly under Castro's repressive regime, and the family arrived in America with less than the equivalent of $50 in assets. They made it their first priority to assimilate to their new home, and the family immediately set about learning English and becoming citizens.
Dayan's parents were powerful role models for him, teaching him both the value of his word and the value of hard and honest work. While his mother struggled to start her own salon, Dayan's father worked as many as four jobs. Dayan and his brother often helped their parents, and as soon as they were old enough they spent their summer vacations assisting with housing renovations.
From practically nothing, Dayan's mother now runs her own company, his father has bought and renovated over 50 investment properties, his brother owns a flooring supply and installation store, while Dayan continues to own his own home repair and remodeling business… A family of entrepreneurs.

In early 2000 Dayan went into business for himself, starting a small handyman company in his small Michigan town. Soon, he had purchased a few properties of his own to renovate, and his repair work had grown beyond the point where he could perform it all himself.

When Dayan moved to North Carolina to be closer to his girlfriend he saw no way to maintain the crucial quality oversight that has been the hallmark of his business. For this reason he shut down his Michigan operations and reluctantly gave up the working relationships he had built up over the years.

He is happy to report that he has been able to build similar and in some ways stronger relationships with clients and other contractors in the Raleigh area. His friendliness and honesty make him an easy match with the best of North Carolina. It was a long and winding route, but Dayan is very happy and proud to call North Carolina his new home.