At Borges Construction Company, not only do we improve the inside of your home, we also improve and protect the outside of any home or business.

BCC offers home owners and business professionals an affordable and reliable pressure washing service.

Not only do mold, mildew, and dirt take away from the visual appeal of a home and business, those elements also speed up the breakdown of paint and other exterior finishes.  While power washing is a very affordable service, replacing damaged exterior areas of your home is generally a costly expense.  That is why it is recommended that the exterior of your home or business be power washed once every 12 to 18 months.

Every surface is different and reacts differently to pressure/ power washing.  Borges Construction uses a calibrated pressure system to ensure that your home or business is cleaned, not damaged.  We use the correct amount of pressure and formulate cleaning solutions that sanitize and revitalize the appearance of your home, while maintaining the integrity of everything around your home.  The bottom line is that we renew the exterior of your home or business, without damaging your property, plants or grass.

Power Washing is a crucial step in prolonging the life of any exterior surface.  Areas and surfaces that can be cleaned include, but are not limited to:
Brick – Concrete – Driveways – Sidewalks – Decks – Fences – Roofs – Gutters – Siding – Stone – Stucco – Patios – Outdoor furniture – Signage – Parking lots – Drive thru areas

As with all of our services, all results are guaranteed.  When Borges Construction Company is finished with your home or business you will be satisfied with the fresh and new look of your home.